How to Position Yourself for the Rest of the Year

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All eyes are on Greece as we head into this long Independence Day weekend.

Before that, Shah is appearing tonight on Making Money With Charles Payne on Fox Business. Europe’s basket case is sure to be Topic No. 1 on tonight’s show – but that’s not all Shah and the rest of Payne’s guests will be talking about.

After all, we just got a June unemployment report that missed estimates – and stock markets are reacting negatively… at least for now. What’s next?

And we’re sure some midyear- and Fourth of July-related subjects will come up as well.

Tune in to Fox Business tonight at 6 ET for the fireworks.

Is It Time To Ring the Stock Market Register?

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

The markets have had a good run, but, according to Shah Gilani, it might be time to take some cash off the table and head for the sidelines. “There’s too much global action right now. The markets have risen fantastically but it’s time to step back.” Shah told Fox Business host, Charles Payne on his latest appearance today.

With Greece putting the market on hold, growing concerns in China, and the anticipated jobs report numbers set to be released tomorrow, Shah answers some of your biggest questions about the market in the video below.

Watch the video.

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