Will This Triple-Digit Rally Last?

0 | By Shah Gilani

The markets are riding high today, but Shah is less than impressed. On his latest appearance on Fox Business, Shah foretells for host Charles Payne the future of the recent market rally. He also tells viewers what needs to be done to stabilize the markets and predicts just how high the Dow Jones Industrial Average might climb.

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China Stocks: Investment Strategies to Declaw the Dragon

1 | By Bill Patalon

Back in the go-go 1980s, Japan was the economy every investor respected – and feared. Wall Streeters even had a saying that reflected this, telling investors, “When Tokyo sneezes, Wall Street catches a cold.

Fast-forward 30 years. Asia has once again become a global economic linchpin. But now it’s Beijing – not Tokyo – that has investors feeling alternately awed… and fearful. That mix of emotions is exactly why so many analysts refer to China as a “dragon” as part of their financial and economic analyses.

The recent meltdown in China’s stock market has caused shockwaves that have been felt throughout the global markets. It’s the first time investors have seen this, so there’s no precedent that helps them understand what’s happening… or to know how to respond.

Until now.

In this brand-new video, Wall Street Insights & Indictments Editor Shah Gilani explains what’s happening, shows why it matters – and even shows what to do about it.

We can’t stop what’s happening in China. But we can blunt its impact.

And with the information and insights Shah provides in this video, you’ll be able to declaw the dragon – at least as far as it pertains to your investments.

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